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Corporate story 'Made with professional pride'

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Met 1300 medewerkers en de hoofdvestiging in Kruiningen richt LambWeston/Meijer zich op de markt van diepgevroren aardappelproducten. Het merk LambWeston wordt verkocht in de horeca en bij de supermarkten in een opvallende zwart-gouden verpakking. De corporate story heeft drie pijlers: Professioneel, Premium en Trots.









Lamb Weston corporate story


Lamb Weston is the professional in the field of deep-frozen potato products and appetizers worldwide, working at all times with dedication and business know-how to ensure tasty premium products. We set considerable store by strengthening and developing relations with our partners internationally. In the long run close cooperation ensures the best possible return for all stakeholders.


Lamb Weston thinks innovation. Our new ideas help to improve taste, quality, convenience and return. We are pioneers in the development of premium potato products and provide a tailor-made customer service. Our partners are at all times assured of acquiring the best which the market has to offer. Innovation and consistent quality mean that we are able to provide the very best products for the best possible return.


Lamb Weston means opting for quality, taste, service and professionalism. Lamb Weston’s premium products are the result of lasting cooperation between our growers, staff and customers. Any professional working on or with Lamb Weston products is proud of his contribution to our joint success.

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